Easter Forum Code Hunt


Oh no! The alaplaya Easter bunny forgot to give his presents on time this year - and now they're all lost within the alaplaya forum!  Search the alaplaya forum to find yourself some lucky codes that can be traded in for prizes in S4L, Fantasy Tennis, Audition and ARGO.



Hunt down the Event team members posts within the forum from the 10-14th April and find secret codes hidden away. Can you find the best prizes?! Join in today!

As simple as it sounds - Eventie members (or some sneaky staffs or support staff) will be hiding codes within their posts when writing in usual threads in the forum. All you have to do is if you spot a code, and be the first to input it into our system here:


Once doing so, you'll unlock a prize to be gifted to your account once the event is over. The games included are:

  • Audition

  • ARGO

  • S4 League

  • Fantasy Tennis


BUT - codes could be posted within ANY section of the forum. Cool Tip:- Looking in more active sections will give you a higher chance on finding some. (E.g. S4L Forum).


Please note:- Each code will correspond to a particular item in a particular game. The items may not be traded for a game you like more, you get what you find! If you don't have a character on the game you win a prize for, please make an account there before the end of the event so your prize can be sent to you there.


Be aware - due to a low level of event members for every language, we will be focusing this event within the EN section. BUT - we'll still try our best to hide as many codes as possible in the other MAIN languages too!



Key Information:

  • Event members have orange names on the forum. (Staff and Support team have Red & Green)

  • You must use your forum name that is connected to your alaplaya game characters.

  • You may not exchange the items you win for any other account. (Make sure your forum name is correctly written)

  • The event will run from the 10-14th April 2012. All codes must be entered before 23:59 15th, April 2012 CEST or will become invalid.

  • Prizes will be handed out on the following week.


If you have any questions? Please reply to this forum thread.


An Example on how codes could be hidden:


Can you work out other ways we might hide them too? Think outside the box while searching!


Join in the hunt this Easter at!

Note: The alaplaya event team have the right to change anything within the event if seen needing so.


Alaplaya Event Team